Q: What is shea butter?

ANS: Shea Butter, the multi-purpose all natural butter, is derived from the seed of the Shea tree. The cream is extracted and prepared without the use of chemicals. The best Shea Butter for skin use is prepared by cold press methods without use of added chemicals or preservative.

Q: Why do people use shea butter?

ANS: 100% pure Shea Butter is a superior moisturiser, containing remarkable healing properties for various skin ailments. Unrefined Shea Butter has the largest healing fraction and contains very special natural ingredients that are ideal for healthier skin and hair. Want to learn more uses of shea butter? Read more: Shea Obsessed.

Q: What is refined/unrefined shea butter?

ANS: Shea Butter is refined to remove among other things, odor, color and other undesirables. The refining process leaves a snow-white Shea Butter, without an odor, but also removes the important bioactive nutrients.

Q: How long does shea butter last?

ANS: The typical shelf life of unrefined Shea Butter is about 24 months (2 years) from the date of manufacture. This is an approximate shelf life affected by storage and temperature. In hotter countries the Shea Butter products may not last as long as they would in a colder country. We ensure that we only buy freshly produced Shea from our manufacturers to give your products a minimum of 12month shelf-life from the date of your purchase.

Q: Is shea butter use safe for people with nut allergies?

ANS: According to the American Shea Butter Institute; there are no clinical studies available on the use of unrefined Shea Butter’s use among persons with nut allergies. To that end, in the absence of sound clinical data on the subject, the official policy at the American Shea Butter Institute, recommends those with nut allergies should avoid use of Shea Butter until proper medical studies are performed.

Q: What texture/ colour/smell should I expect my Shea Butter to be?

ANS: All natural products vary in appearance slightly from batch to batch, just like any fruit or vegetable. This does not affect the quality or properties of the product.

Colour: Unrefined Shea Butter appears creamy in colour. Whipped Shea Butter should appear lighter in colour and almost whitish.

Texture: Shea Butter should be a thick solid which melts at body temperature and feels literally like butter. The texture may harden or soften depending on the weather conditions, however the health benefits remain the same despite texture.

Smell: The smell of Shea Butter is nutty. Any odorless Shea Butter is a sign that it has been processed / refined.


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