Our Mission

To inspire you to care for your body the natural way. We believe in a healthy and convenient lifestyle, we care about what goes inside you and we promise no bad stuff or chemical preservatives. 


What makes us different

We simplify the process to make natural products easy to consume and at an affordable price. We stand out because we are hand made yet look and feel sophisticated for a 100% organic and all-natural product. 

Message From Our Founder

Hey there lovely shoppers 👋 , 

My name is Ifunanya Nwadike —Ify. The name Nassurel is a play on the french translation of natural which is 'naturelle'. I started Nassurel to do one thing only, selfcare the natural way.

We elevate simple natural products and make them appealing and easy to consume. No chemicals or funny ingredients. 

My natural journey began when I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Lichenoids in 2016 and like most of you I had never heard of this disease. It’s a skin condition that has the appearance of eczema and causes the skin to dry out, itch and leave scars resulting in either hypo or hyperpigmentation.

So yeah, it wasn’t great and there is no known cure. Here I am, trying out all natural remedies, hacks and every skin and derma products on the shelves and in the pharmacies.

After all this time, I’ve found it’s only natural products that seem to give me enough moisture to hold my skin down and keep it looking somewhat normal.

Join the tribe and put your trust in an all natural brand and our commitment to a healthier you.

Thank you for choosing Nassurel 🖤,